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    Commercial signs design

    Commercial sign designCreating a commercial sign involves many steps, from the initial idea to the manufacturing process.

    The sign must adhere to a large number of criteria, beginning with the clients’ specific needs.  Therefore we begin with an open dialogue in order to determine what marketing tools are already in use, as well as an evaluation of the physical environment in which the signs will be deployed.  We then propose a project to the client from a vast array of options, including light boxes, channel letters, awnings, or other products.  Then our design department develops a visual portrait of the proposed signage, showing the dimensions and materials used as well as a virtual photomontage of the finished sign in situ.  The process evolves until the client approves the final concept.

    The signage also has to conform to municipal bylaws, which vary from one community to another, and touch on various aspects such as dimensions, type of structure and materials, distance from the ground or property boundaries, etc.  Our designers have to take into consideration all of these factors.

    Once the client has approved the project, it is submitted to the appropriate government agencies in order to acquire a permit.

    The project is then given to the building crew, which includes metal workers, welders, painters and other professional workers.  The team must ensure the structural integrity of the design and compatibility of the various materials used, and conformability of electrical circuits and components, among other things.  The sign is then manufactured and assembled, the finishing touches are applied, and the sign is ready to be installed.